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Check out these awesome pics made by my friends and other people!

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meeting their female counterparts by SabrinaT1985
meeting their female counterparts
Here is a new picture inspired by my latest art trades with :iconilovethefanficcritic:, it is Homestar Runner and Homsar meeting Female Homestar Runner and Modestly Hot Homsar.

Homestar Runner, Homsar, and Modestly Hot Homsar are (C) of the Chapman brothers.

Female Homestar Runner is (C) of nosyandsmall.
cast of Homestar Runner by SabrinaT1985
cast of Homestar Runner

Don't let the title fool you, I am trying to say that I only like the characters of Old-Timey Marzipan, Homestar Runner, The Cheat, Foxface, Homsar, and Modestly Hot Homsar themselves. So, I am not going to join this fandom, because I have no desire to, but I will gladly draw the characters for people who are fans of the series. In my headcanon, Old-Timey Marzipan and Homestar Runner are a couple, but so are The Cheat and Foxface, since I support these pairings. I just need to find a female character to pair Homsar with, since pairing him with his counterpart would be a bit strange-looking.

Old-Timey Marzipan, Homestar Runner, The Cheat, Foxface, Homsar, and Modestly Hot Homsar are (C) of the Chapman brothers.

at - a family of Cheats by SabrinaT1985
at - a family of Cheats

My half of an art trade with :iconilovethefanficcritic:, she wanted The Cheat with his sister and mother.

The Cheat and his family are (C) of the Chapman brothers.

Strong Glad comparison by SabrinaT1985
Strong Glad comparison

On the left is nosyandsmall's original design of Strong Glad, and on the right is ILoveTheFanficCritic's re-design.

Strong Glad is (C) of nosyandsmall.

Strong Glad redesign is (C) of ILoveTheFanficCritic.

at - Gnorts Dab + Gnorts Das by SabrinaT1985
at - Gnorts Dab + Gnorts Das

My half of an art trade with :iconilovethefanficcritic:, she wanted me to draw her OC's Gnorts Dab and Gnorts Das.

Gnorts Dab and Gnorts Das are (C) of ILoveTheFanficCritic.


Hello, my fellow deviants! I just want to say that :iconbrainiacadam: has come up with another great idea for a possible fanfiction story project based on the Christmas Carol where he is planning on having my fan-made look-a-like rival Sasha Winchester/Dark Heart take the role of Scrooge, Symphonia the grand fairy is the ghost of Christmas past, Goop the gaboonie is the ghost of Christmas present, and Metallix is the ghost of Christmas future. Adam has also confirmed that he and I will be in it, and so will some other Kaluka characters. We will get to see a bit of Sasha's childhood during the scenes that are set in the past, which is normally left to the imagination of the viewer, since I have never gone into detail about her past, except for the brief description of her having my personality traits. He offered to let me help him write the story, so I am going to that, which I am very interested in wanting to do, but the major problem is that I want and need to get energy and motivation to do it, so we can start working on it and get to finish it by Christmas time so it will be ready in time for Christmas, unfortunately I have none at the moment. Even though, I still want and need to work on our Kaluka adventure, which I have had no energy to work on at the moment.

As a note to more recent deviants who have just recently watched me, the Kaluka characters came from "Sabrina & Adam's Adventure In Kaluka", an original children's story which takes place in a fantastic fictional land that features anthropormorphic animals, fruits, shapes, and objects. As the story was made a year ago, it was very heavily flawed, so instead of actually re-writing the whole thing by throwing it out and starting again from scratch, I'm planning on leaving the story the same, but just editing out certain parts that are not necessary and expanding it by adding more information to it. You can check out the character artwork and biography profiles here:…


United States
Hello there! My name is Sabrina, and welcome to my deviantART page. Here you will find drawings of various characters from many fandoms, pictures of my friends' OC's, plus my OC's, too!

Permission for anyone who wants to use my OC's:

I allow and encourage everyone to have the right and freedom of personal interpretations of the fanon characters that I have created by changing their personalities without any approval from me, if that is what someone wishes to do with them. I personally feel that you should always be free to make your own decisions when it comes to your headcanon ideas when using my fictional self or my fandom personas in your drawings and writings, because if I was shooting others down and criticizing their ideas, it would the opposite of treating others the way that I want to be treated, especially since we are allowed to change the personality of a canon character from a video game, movie, or TV show that we have no copyright over. However, may I please politely ask that you do not tell me how I should use my own characters in the stories that I write, because how they behave in my own stories is up to me to decide.

Request and art trade information:

Note: There is absolutely nothing wrong with you giving the other person a stick figure or a mouse drawn MS paint picture that 1 hour to finish and they give you the Mona Lisa or a beautiful digital painting they have worked on for 3-4 hours, because people should be willing to do art trades with people of all skill levels, instead of just only ones with people who are as good as theirs, because in my opinion, all artworks are beautiful no matter how long that a person has worked on it. But, you should never be unfair with the other person and ditch them by turning their picture into a free request. This is why I will gladly take requests and art trades from any deviant, even if I don't know them, just to keep everyone happy, and not turn them down so they don't feel left out. So feel free to ask me if you are interested in doing one. All skill levels are accepted, no discrimination here. The only rule that I have here is that may I please ask that you don't rush me to do the picture, because I can draw pretty quick depending on how many characters are in it.

Things I will draw:

Fandoms I heard of and like

Any fandom I don't like or I have not heard of

Canon characters

Original fanon characters


Parodies of canon characters from books, tv shows, movies, and video games

Hetero and slash pairings

Various characters from different fandoms doing my "Peach Repulsa" cosplay (that means being dressed up in Princess Peach's dress and crown and wearing a replica of Rita Repulsa's grey hair that is styled in the shape of two bizarre, mad, wacky, zany, crazy, unusual, strange-looking, and outrageous pointed cone horns)

Trading card-sized miniature drawings that feature special edition or original artwork of one character

Pictures of you

Things I will NOT draw:

Characters who are participating in passing gas

Mature art with adult themes such as swear words, inappropriate phrases, weird fetish stuff, dirty sexual acts, blood, and violence

Anything I find too disturbing in my own mind

Art attacking other deviants

I do not accept the following, so please don't ask about them, the reasons for this are because I don't donate points to anyone, since not only do they cost money and must be very expensive too, but I'm not even sure if I would be allowed to buy them without permission in the first place, and I also don't believe taking a screenshot of pageviews is important, since all they do is tell you how many times others have viewed your page, and the fact that I draw for enjoyment and not for money and points:



Point commissions

Other websites that I am a member of:

The Nerdluck Forum -…
The Mr. Men Wiki -…
The Mr. Men OC Wiki -…
The CanonFanon Wiki -…

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