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Valentine gift for Adam by SabrinaT1985
Valentine gift for Adam

Here is a Valentine's Day gift art for my lovely and handsome boyfriend :iconbrainiacadam:, who not only really is certainly the best boyfriend that I could ever ask for, but is also the most amazing, wonderful, sweetest, and most gorgeous guy in the world. It features him and me doing the "A Whole New World" scene from the Disney movie Aladdin. I really and greatly appreciate every little thing that you do for me! Happy Valentine's Day, Adam. I love you so very much, even more than life itself!

The song "A Whole New World" is (C) of Walt Disney Studios.

Adam is (C) of BrainiacAdam.

I am (C) of myself.


Chapter 12: Goodbye Heroes Of Kaluka

Six months later, Kaluka was more prosperous and beautiful than ever. It was completely free of evil, all thanks to Adam and Sabrina.

In the Kaluka Forest, it was a special day, as Goop and Yanpookie got married, and all the gaboonies and animals of Kaluka Forest had gathered for Goop and Yanpookie’s wedding.

Apple and Cinnamon, like old times, do a lot of fun stuff together.

Art and Gum were still lovers and close friends and may consider marrying each other like Goop and Yanpookie did.

Lemon and Lime were still their old selves as they still enjoy playing pranks on people and calling them random silly names.

Patch wasn’t grumpy as he used to be anymore, since he was back to his old cheerful self now that Boomer is guardian of the forest again and the Metallic Dynasty is no longer terrorizing Kaluka.

Speaking of the Metallic Dynasty, it still existed. However, it is now ruled by Superbot and Valentina and they now use it for good and useful purposes, instead of terrorizing Kaluka and being terrorists. Metallina was still a member herself, but Fuchsia Heart’s powers had made her have a change of heart. She now works as Superbot and Valentina’s maid and does not remember marrying Metallix and didn’t know who he was either.

Valentina doesn’t spend every day ruling the Metallic Dynasty, because she plays with Prince Starlow and Princess Starina and even they often come to their hideout as regular visitors.

Banana and Durian were now locked up in the Skyienian dungeons as punishment for their betrayal to Kaluka, this made them even more angrier than usual. And on a daily basis, they desired to break out of the dungeons, and always tried to plot on how to try to escape.

Aquesio continued to rule his Seaweed Kingdom as usual and it too was in prosperity.

Symphonia also continued to be Kaluka’s protector and lived in Giggle Garden.

The instruments of Musical-Land lived in harmony too and made beautiful music.

Pineapple returned to Kaluka Beach and enjoyed surfing. Strawberry and Passion Fruit lived happily in Skyienia as well.

In the Skyienian Palace, Alan and Sasha had a different punishment to Banana and Durian, they now work as a butler and a maid to Adam, Sabrina, and the royal family of Kaluka. Alan and Sasha were made to wear dirty rags as their uniforms, and while Sabrina went easy on Sasha and gave her several breaks and a very good payment, Adam made Alan do endless work without taking a single break and his pay ranged from very little to nothing at all.

One afternoon, Alan opened the door for Adam, but instead of thanking Alan for the gesture, Adam responded with “I can open that myself, you pig!” “Hey! No need for that! I was being good to you, just because I have no choice!”, Alan replied. “You were never like that to your butler. That’s a taste of your own medicine.”, Adam told him. Adam and Sabrina ruled Kaluka alongside the royal family of Kaluka, and just like them, they were perfect rulers and were loved by anyone who met them.

One day, Adam and Sabrina sat on their thrones, but Adam felt a little down. “What’s wrong, Adam?”, asked Sabrina. “Sabrina, I love it here in Kaluka. I had the time of my life here ever since we were summoned here, but I must tell you, I miss my friends and family from the United Kingdom and I really would like to see them again.”, Adam told her. “To tell you the truth, Adam, I miss my family and friends from America myself.”, Sabrina replied. “I just don’t know how we are going to tell everyone. I want to go back home but I don’t want to leave Kaluka either.”, Adam said. “Don’t worry, Adam. I’m sure there will be a way.”, Sabrina replied. They spoke to King Rainbow and Queen Heart and wished to hold a royal announcement.

One hour later, all of Adam and Sabrina’s friends of Kaluka have gathered to the Skyienian Palace to listen what Adam and Sabrina have got to say. “I wonder what they want?”, Gum asked. “We’ll soon find out.”, Art replied.

Adam and Sabrina rose up to speak. “Hello friends of Kaluka, Sabrina and I have an announcement to make. We love it here in Kaluka, and we would like to thank each and every one of you for your hospitality and friendship and we are glad to help you bring a new era of peace to Kaluka. However, we miss our friends and family from Earth and we would like to go back.”, Adam announced. The Kalukians and Skyienians were very sad to hear what Adam said. “We’re so sorry to tell you this. We love you all very much and we don’t want to leave, but our friends and family from Earth mean everything to us and will be probably be worried sick about us by now.”, Sabrina explained to them. “We understand Adam and Sabrina.”, said Goop.

Adam got really frustrated and in a bit of a fluster. “I just wish I can live in both places at the same time!”, Adam said stressfully. “Don’t panic. There is a way.”, King Rainbow said and he and Queen Heart smiled as they held some handheld mirrors in their hands to give to the kind hearted humans. “We present you your magic mirrors. All you have to do is gaze into your reflections and press the jewel button and it will take you both home in less than a minute.” They said. Adam and Sabrina’s mirrors looked exactly the same, except the jewel button on Sabrina’s mirror was pink and Adam’s was yellow.

“It will help us come back here too won't it, because I want to live both here and Earth.”, Adam asked the monarchs. “Of course it will, Adam. Whenever you use your mirror, wherever you are, it will warp you from here to Earth and vice versa without any limits.”, Queen Heart answered.

“Oh, this is too good to be true! I can’t wait to tell all my friends and family about our adventure here in Kaluka!”, Sabrina said excitedly. “I’m afraid we can’t allow you to do that.”, King Rainbow replied sadly but honestly. “Why not?”, asked Sabrina. “I am very sorry for ruining your hopes, but the reason we can’t allow you to tell friends and family of your home planet is because nobody will believe you and if they did, everyone is going to try and find out about us too much, so I would much rather you two kept your adventure between the two of you.”, King Rainbow answered. Sabrina was very disappointed, but she completely understood the reason.

“I bet when we go home, I bet my friends and family will be really worried about us by the time we come back.” Adam said in a worried tone. “Don’t worry, Adam. I will assure you, no time will be passed. Time in Kaluka is much different to Earth’s. When you return home, it will be the same exact day you two were brought here to Kaluka.”, King Rainbow answered.

“Whenever you are ready, you may use them.”, said Queen Heart. Adam and Sabrina came to hug their friends and said goodbye to each and every one of them. “Goodbye, Adam. Thank you once again for helping us reunite us with our friends once again. We would never have done it if it hadn’t had been for you.”, Goop said to Adam. “No problem. I’m so glad I could help.”, Adam replied. “Goodbye, Adam. We will really miss you!”, Art said as he and Gum were in tears. “Hey, don’t get too depressed. I will assure you I will most definitely return!”, Adam replied. Sabrina then hugged Symphonia before Adam. “Goodbye, humans. I am very proud of both of you. Thank you for helping me fulfill the prophecies predicted in Kaluka!”, Symphonia thanked.

Then she turned her full attention on Sabrina, as she said, "Sabrina, I have some fantastic news for you. I have been studying on how to cast magic spells outside of Kaluka for a week, and now have made all the proper adjustments to the spell, so I have given you the resources that you wished for, and you may go to them at any time that you wish." Sabrina was overjoyed and had tears of joy in her eyes as she hugged Symphonia tightly. "Oh, thank you so much, Symphonia. This is the greatest thing that you have ever done for me! I can't wait to go them, and tell Adam about my experiences!", Sabrina exclaimed in excitement. "You're so very welcome, Sabrina. I hope that you will enjoy them.", the fairy replied. "I am positive that I will.", Sabrina answered.

After all the friends were hugged and wished Adam and Sabrina a safe journey home, Adam and Sabrina then looked at each other. “Adam, I’m going to miss you most of all! Thank you for helping me make my wish come true by meeting you in person for the very first time!”, Sabrina said to Adam. “You won’t miss me too much. We will meet each other again, online on Earth and in person in Kaluka.”, Adam replied and he and Sabrina hugged each other.

“Are you two ready?”, asked King Rainbow. “Yes, almost.”, Sabrina replied. Adam then said to the audience, “Please promise us you won’t get too depressed because I will assure you, we are most definitely coming back! We promise!” And the Kalukians and Skyienians waved goodbye to the humans. “Yes, we are ready now.”, they said. “Then gaze into the mirror.”, said Queen Heart and Adam and Sabrina saw their reflection in their mirrors. “Press the button.” And the two pressed the jewel buttons on their mirror. “And then continue gazing, and you will soon be home.”, finished Queen Heart. 

Sasha, Alan, the Kalukians, and Skyienians watched on as Adam and Sabrina continued gazing into their mirrors until they rippled like water, transformed into silhouettes made out of a bright light of energy and floated up, as they then just disappeared into thin air. At that instant, Sabrina and Adam were whirling through the air so swiftly that all they could feel was the wind whistling past their ears, and they were still in silhouette form until they began to materialize as their normal selves once they reached their homes.

Less than a minute later, Sabrina was back in her own room with her laptop still on and she was also back in her original clothes as well. Sabrina looked at herself to see herself in her normal clothing again, as she asked herself if it was only just a dream, but she had noticed that she still had the mirror in her hand. Then at that moment, she realized that Kaluka was definitely a real truly live place and now all of it was beautiful, even though some of it wasn't very nice when she and Adam first arrived there.

Then, she sat down at her computer, and sent Adam the following message, "Hi, Adam. I just want to tell you that was the most amazing adventure that I ever had, especially since we were able to experience it together."

Adam was also back in the field once again and he was in his normal yellow t-shirt, white shorts and flip flops. Adam also looked at himself and thought about what an adventure he has had and he returned home to see his family and greeted home by his two pet dogs, Honey and Misty, who wagged their tails and greeted their owner home. Adam found he still had his magic mirror.

Adam went on his computer to talk to his friends online and he spoke to Sabrina, as noticed that she had left him the message, as he responded back with: “Hello, Sabrina. Not missing me already are you?” he asked. “Thanks for helping me achieve my goal once again Adam. We definitely should meet again someday.”, Sabrina replied. “I believe that can be very easily arranged.”, Adam replied. “It wasn’t a dream after all.”, said Sabrina. “Nope, we know for sure it was reality and we will soon return.” Adam said and as Adam and Sabrina spoke online, Symphonia watched over them in the planet Earth and winked at them.


Kaluka - part 12

Here is part 12, which is the final chapter of "Sabrina & Adam's Adventure In Kaluka", as the heroes say farewell to their new friends and return home.

Kaluka is (C) of me and :iconbrainiacadam:, but Sabrina/Fuchsia Heart and Sasha/Dark Heart belong to me while Adam/Yellow Fire and Alan/Green Ice belong to Adam.


Chapter 11: The Final Battle

The final battle between the yellow clad fiery superhero against the evil metal sheet was about to begin. To start things off, Metallix attempted to use his metallic shockwave brainwashing powers on Yellow Fire, but he swiftly avoided the attack and he flew and pushed him with a fiery aura.

Metallix was about to slam an iron fist on Yellow Fire, which did hit him, but Yellow Fire didn’t give up that easily. He retaliated by firing a flamethrower attack and stomped on Metallix on the head.

Metallix then used his shadow attack. He jumped into the air and created shadowy copies to try to disorientate Yellow Fire and make it feel like the illusory copies were pummeling him by attempting to drain 1/4 of his health, however, the yellow superhero moved out of the way and turned the tables on the metal sheet. Metallix was furious that he had been hit with his own ability as he felt like the illusory copies were pummeling him. They only drained 1/4 of Metallix's health by the time they had disappeared, as Yellow Fire jumped into the air and slammed back on the ground, creating a fiery shockwave at him. Metallix then tried to brainwash Yellow Fire again, but he missed the attack and he flew over Metallix and kicked him from behind.

Metallix then got hold of some bombs and he threw them at Yellow Fire, but each one just bounced off him as they exploded. “You foolish human! How could they not kill you?!”, asked Metallix. “Murder weapons like those have no effect on me!”, Yellow Fire answered, and he drew out his Holy Blade of Equality. “That silly sword will be no match for me!”, Metallix said. “Don’t be so sure!”, Yellow Fire replied, and he jumped into the air and slashed Metallix with his sword.

With his sword, Yellow Fire fired some yellow coloured bolts at Metallix and fired a rainbow coloured beam at him too. Metallix then decided to use his hot-tempered rage ability to make the battle more difficult for Yellow Fire and give him the opportunity to win the fight. He stood still, closed his eyes, and clenched his fists tightly to power up for his strongest attack by focusing on all of his anger and negative feelings as he became surrounded by a light red aura which was endured and absorbed damage from Yellow Fire, then his temper rose above normal and he finally opened his eyes which were glowing a fiery shade of red. Then, he struck toward the yellow superhero like a lightning bolt and ran so fast, that he looked like a red blur as he attempted to ram into him by rampaging, while a white ball of energy appeared in the palms of his hands as he angrily desired to push the ball into Yellow Fire's chest to return double the damage he received, as the force of the blow would have knocked Yellow Fire several feet away, as he then would land with a thud in the center of the ground. However, Yellow Fire managed to avoid the forceful slamming tackle and the white ball of energy by jumping into the air, as he thought he needed to increase his heat to win the battle. Metallix had been hit with his own strongest attack and was now extremely low on health, as Yellow Fire began to get hotter and hotter.

Metallix’s eyes widened and couldn’t believe what he saw. Yellow Fire just remembered what Symphonia told him that he will be the first to discover Metallix’s grim fate will be and that gave him the perfect idea. “This isn’t over, Adam! Mark my words!”, Metallix said as he got back up to fight him. “It is over Metallix! It’s time to finish you once and for all!!”, Yellow Fire called, as he charged up and increased his heat, becoming hotter and hotter, he launched a giant fireball which flew high into the air and then came flying down straight to Metallix and engulfed him in flames. Yellow Fire heavily punched and kicked Metallix while still enveloped in flames, which made Metallix weak on his knees.

The fireball was so hot and Metallix screamed in agony, as he slowly tried to get out of the fireball to try and attack Yellow Fire, his feet were squelching. He looked down to see two puddles of liquid metal slowly growing and couldn’t even feel his legs. He even saw his hands were dripping as well. Metallix realized what was happening to him. He screamed in both agony and terror. “AAAAAAARRRRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You fool! Look what you’ve done!”, he screamed as his legs completely dissolved into a puddle of liquid metal and his arms dripped. “I’m melting! I’m melting! Melting! Oh what a world! What a world! Who would have thought a goody-goody superhero like you would destroy me? The great and powerful Metallix! Oh I’m going!”, he cried as he slowly melted and screamed in agony. Soon Metallix has completely melted and he was now nothing but a puddle of liquid bubbling metal. Metallix was finally dead. Yellow Fire sighed with relief and then jumped for joy. “YES! I did it! I killed Metallix!”, he cried happily. Metallix’s grim fate has been fulfilled and it was all thanks to Yellow Fire.

Fuchsia Heart came into the throne room and found Yellow Fire. “Oh, Yellow Fire, there you are. I was looking for you. Are you alright?”, she asked. “I have good news for you, Fuchsia Heart. Metallix is dead! I killed him!”, Yellow Fire told Fuchsia Heart. Fuchsia Heart was overjoyed and she hugged Yellow Fire. “Oh, Yellow Fire, well done! Thanks to you, Kaluka is free from evil!”, she cried happily. “But how did you kill him?” “I realized that when fire gets really hot, it can melt metal, so I used that to my advantage to kill him, thus fulfilling his grim punishment fate Symphonia predicted. It was so beautiful to see!”, Yellow Fire answered with glee. “I’m so proud of you, Yellow Fire. Let’s go home!”, said Fuchsia Heart, but just as Yellow Fire and Fuchsia Heart were about to leave, Durian and Banana walked into the hideout and confronted Yellow Fire and Fuchsia Heart, Alan and Sasha came into the throne room behind Durian and Banana, and they still had their markings on their faces. "So, we meet again, you foolish humans!", said Durian.

"You might have ruined our pollution of the Seaweed Kingdom, but this time we will not fail!", Banana replied. "Let's get them, and make them them pay for ruining all of our good work!", Durian answered. Durian and Banana were about to attack Yellow Fire and Fuchsia Heart, until Alan and Sasha walked over to their kind-hearted counterparts.

“So there you are!”, said Alan. Yellow Fire and Fuchsia Heart saw the markings on their faces and they laughed at them. “What’s so funny?”, asked Sasha. “I suggest you two look in a mirror.”, laughed Fuchsia Heart. Alan and Sasha looked into the mirrors and they first screamed in shock, then became red with rage. “Oh, Alan, how lovely you look! I’m sure you’ll win Sabrina’s heart with a lovely pretty face like that!”, Yellow Fire teased. “Shut up! It’s not that funny!”, Alan angrily told him. Fuchsia Heart giggled and laughed at Sasha’s scribbled face and Sasha became red with rage. “STOP LAUGHING AT ME! STOP IT!”, Sasha roared. Alan and Sasha washed off the markings on their faces. “Oh, just so you know, Metallix is dead! I killed him!”, Yellow Fire told malicious fruits and the evil look-a-likes. Durian, Banana, Alan, and Sasha saw the boiling hot liquid metal puddle that was once Metallix and they became enraged and furious. “You murderer! You killed our master!”, Alan roared furiously. “Well he deserved it!”, Yellow Fire replied.

“We were promised $1,000,000,000 and now we’ll never get it because of you!”, Sasha said angrily. “You were never going to get that cash prize anyway. Had you served the Metallic Dynasty any longer and you eventually destroyed us, Metallix would never have given you that prize. I know he would have betrayed you.”, Yellow Fire answered. “Lies! You’re going to pay for this, Adam!”, Alan roared and he and Sasha spun round and exploded, then they became Green Ice and Dark Heart. “You just never learn don’t you.”, Fuchsia Heart said. “The Metallic Dynasty will live on!”, shouted Green Ice and Dark Heart and the real final battle between Yellow Fire and Fuchsia Heart against Durian, Banana, Green Ice, and Dark Heart was about to begin.

"It's four against two, this is going to be so easy!", Durian boasted proudly, just then King Rainbow, Queen Heart, Prince Starlow, Princess Starina, Peach, and Cherry, along with Superbot, Valentina, Apple, and Cinnamon arrived just in time to help the superheroes fight the evil fruits and the supervillains."How about making that ten against four?", King Rainbow answered. "I don't care if we are outnumbered, the point is that I know that we will win the battle, and I can finally become the true ruler of Skyienia!", Banana replied.

And so, the battle began with Green Ice throwing some of his famous extremely cold, pointy, and icy sharp painful icicles at Yellow Fire, but the yellow superhero countered the attack by jumping up into the air and slamming back down to create a firey shockwave. The firey shockwave caused the green supervillain to drop the icicles that he was holding, and they melted right when they hit the floor. Green Ice threw more icicles at Yellow Fire, but Yellow Fire swung the Holy Blade of Equality at the icicles, causing them to break into tiny pieces. Green Ice then drew out the Darkness Blade of Unfairness, and there were yellow and green blurs along with the sound of the two swords clanking together, which caused the explosions underground.

Meanwhile, Fuchsia Heart attempted to attack Dark Heart with fuchsia fury, but Dark Heart then drew out her wiggle stick and threw it to block her rival's attack. The pink energy hit the spiked weapon, but bounced off of it, which caused the fuchsia superheroine to be blasted a few feet away. Dark Heart laughed at the sight of her rival, "I know that you happen to think that it would be impossible for me to counter your attack and give you a taste of your own medicine. Well, Fuchsia Heart, I just proved you wrong. So you and Yellow Fire better prepare to lose this battle against Green Ice and I. Heheheh!"

"You can't be too sure of that yet, Dark Heart. I have got the power of love and since love is the most important and most powerful of all magic, it can remove negativity, create smiles and happiness, and make anybody happy.", Fuchsia Heart answered.

"That is the most ridiculous nonsense I have ever heard! All you want to do is create a one-dimensional world where everyone is happy, everything is resolved right away, and they celebrate with a steady diet of giggles and unconditional love with your so-called "super powers." I hope you’re ready to spend the rest of your life in misery and hatred, negative feelings and emotions, and unpleasant realities because that is what you definitely deserve!", Dark Heart told her rival. The girls then drew out their crossbows of love and hatred and firing arrows at each other, and one of the Arrows of Love hit Dark Heart in the chest. "Oooooh, I feel so happy now…", Dark Heart said as she fell to the ground in a fake defeat.

Fuchsia Heart checked to see if her rival was okay, but Dark Heart quickly got up and used her super strength and slammed her onto the ground and attempted to stab her with her spiked wiggle stick, but Fuchsia Heart used her super strength and slammed Dark Heart onto the ground, she then tossed an explosive heart which exploded at Dart Heart upon impact. Dark Heart then drew out the Crossbow of Hatred and she fired it to Fuchsia Heart. Fuchsia Heart then drew out her Crossbow of Love and she fired it to Dark Heart, and the two bolts clashed together and created an explosion.

King Rainbow used a rainbow blast on Durian, which made him lose half of his health, but that didn't phase the durian at all, he simply got up and tried counterattacking with a shadow slamming tackle on the king, but King Rainbow used teleport to avoid the attack. Queen Heart used her valentine dance attack and threw miniature hearts that annoyed Banana, as if they were flies and managed to distort her vision, and then they exploded, which caused her to lose half of her health. Banana retaliated by throwing banana peels to make the queen slip and fall on them, but Queen Heart teleported away just in time. Durian and Banana decided to draw out their laser guns and tried to zap the king and queen, but it missed and hit Fuchsia Heart instead, which caused her to become separated from her fight with Dark Heart. Banana projected herself like a boomerang at Fuchsia Heart, which did hit her. Fuchsia Heart then flew with a flying kick at her, and then they started slapping each other like as if they are in a catfight.

Back with Yellow Fire and Green Ice, the yellow superhero delivered bicycle kicks on the green supervillain, which caused him to perform an icy punch on his rival.

“What you need is a shade of blue, then you will be perfect like me!”, Green Ice told Yellow Fire. “Poppycock!”, Yellow Fire replied as he threw more fireballs at his icy cold rival. Green Ice drew out the Darkness Blade of Unfairness and it fired skulls with purple flames surrounding them. Yellow Fire countered the attack with his Holy Blade of Equality by firing yellow bolts to counter them. Durian accidently had gotten hit with some of bolts by mistake, and decided to confront Yellow Fire. This resulted in Yellow Fire dashing away with super speed and leaving a trail of flames against Durian, which burned him, however, that made his foul odour stronger. "You stinker!", Yellow Fire said in an annoyed tone. But, Durian just shrugged this off as he replied in an arrogant tone, "Naturally!" Yellow Fire then kicked Durian like a football, while Fuchsia Heart flew her fist at Banana, and knocked her down.

Meanwhile, Peach and Cherry had become involved in a battle with Green Ice and Dark Heart, Dark Heart was about to perform her lethal red rage attack on Cherry, but she retaliated by using her leaf attack on her.

Green Ice jumped high into the air and created an icy shockwave to freeze Peach, but instead it froze Fuchsia Heart and Dark Heart, but the two broke free from the ice and Dark Heart lost her temper on Green Ice. “How dare you freeze me for the second time!” she scolded Green Ice. “It’s your fault! You should have jumped and avoided the attack!” Green Ice replied. As the two supervillains argued, this gave the superheroes a chance to attack them. Yellow Fire flew and treated Durian like a football, while Fuchsia Heart grabbed Banana and threw her at Durian, which successfully hit him, and it made them bowl over Green Ice and Dark Heart. Dark Heart and Green Ice recovered and got back up to fight Fuchsia Heart and Yellow Fire.

“You can’t defeat us that easily!”, Dark Heart said. “And we are not giving up until we avenge our master’s death by killing you!”, Green Ice added.

Green Ice drew out the Darkness Blade of Unfairness it fired a shadowy beam attack, which Yellow Fire managed to dodge. Yellow Fire used his Holy Blade of Equality and fired a rainbow coloured beam at Green Ice. Fuchsia Heart and Dark Heart were getting exhausted after a long battle, but none of them could give up. “You may as well give up Fuchsia Heart! I’m going to use my Crossbow of Hatred to destroy your bond with your lovey dovey superhero for good!”, Dark Heart cackled. She fired a bolt of darkness at Fuchsia Heart, which she barely avoided.

Fuchsia Heart drew out her Crossbow of Love and fired a bolt of light straight at Dark Heart and made her stumble backward for a bit. Green Ice created a powerful blizzard to freeze his rival to death, but Yellow Fire charged up and launched his powerful fireball attack he used on Metallix to melt him and it engulfed Green Ice in flames. “I must keep my cool!”, Green Ice cried as he was engulfed in Yellow Fire’s flames. He surrounded himself in an icy gale to allow him to escape Yellow Fire’s flames. Yellow Fire flew straight to him and delivered several punches and kicks at him while still enveloped in flames.

“Now I need to think of a way to finish them.” Yellow Fire thought. He saw two bottles of ink that Banana and Durian attempted to use on him and Fuchsia Heart when they went to the Seaweed Kingdom, and it gave Yellow Fire a perfect idea. Fuchsia Heart distracted Green Ice by pretending to fall in love with him, which caused him to fall in love with her once again and Dark Heart, Banana, and Durian were getting angry at their teammate. Green Ice and Dark Heart fought and got distracted, as Durian and Banana watched the scene with angry looks on their faces, and Yellow Fire threw the bottles of ink at Dark Heart and Green Ice.

“YOU!”, said Green Ice angrily as he was drenched in ink, but suddenly, he started to feel weak and powerless. “What have you done?!” he asked. Dark Heart also felt the same. “What is happening? What did you throw at us?” she asked, and suddenly, Green Ice and Dark Heart began to lose their powers and become Alan and Sasha again. Yellow Fire got out a rope and he spun around and tied them up, as the diamond guards of the Skyienian palace, servants to the royal family of Kaluka arrived just in time, and arrested Banana and Durian and trapped them in a cage, ready to be taken away.

"We are placing you two to the dungeons of the Skyienian palace as punishment for betraying Kaluka.", King Rainbow said in an authoritarian tone of voice, as Banana and Durian looked at him with shocked looks on their faces. "That’s not fair! We deserve a better ending than this!", Banana wailed in a whiny voice. "You’re right, you deserve to be executed! And made into a fruit salad!", Peach couldn't resist adding.

"Oh shut up!", Banana answered with a hint of anger in her tone. "Yes thank you, Peach. Guards, send the two horrid fruits away! They will stay in the dungeons when we decide we can release them again.", Queen Heart told them. "You may have us, but it won’t be long before we will avenge Emperor Metallix!", Durian answered in a frustrated tone as the guards took Banana and Durian away. King Rainbow smiled at the humans as he said proudly, "Sabrina, Adam, I thank you for helping us capture Banana and Durian. They have been our most wanted criminals ever since they betrayed Kaluka."

“And that concludes our final battle!”, said Yellow Fire. “Well done Yellow Fire once again. We did good didn’t we.”, replied Fuchsia Heart. “Yep, we sure did. Let’s go back and celebrate our victory!”answered Yellow Fire. "You two are coming with us!”, Fuchsia Heart said to Alan and Sasha, as she and Yellow Fire escorted them Metallic Dynasty hideout.

Later, Adam and Sabrina returned as themselves and everybody returned to Skyienia to celebrate a huge victory party that they are triumphant over the Metallic Dynasty. Everybody cheered and celebrated and thanked Adam and Sabrina for their heroic efforts and bravery. Restoring every metal sheet slave back to normal and killing Metallix. Later, a ceremony took place in the Skyenian Palace. Everybody gathered to see it. The two monarchs rose up to speak. “We are happy to announce that we have won over the Metallic Dynasty and we are triumphant! Victory is ours!”, King Rainbow announced. “And it would never have been possible without Adam and Sabrina and will now reward them for their heroic efforts!” called Queen Heart. The audience cheered and couldn’t wait to see Adam and Sabrina get their rewards.

Adam and Sabrina kneeled down. King Rainbow and Queen Heart gently placed swords on their shoulders and spoke. “For his heroic acts of courage, I hereby pronounce you, Sir Adam of the flames of courage!”, King Rainbow called, and Adam’s clothing began to change. He wore a golden suit of armour and he wore a golden crown with Yellow Fire’s red emblem on top. Adam looked at himself and he was very excited and pleased. “And for her kindness and generosity, I hereby pronounce you, Dame Sabrina of the hearts of kindness!”, Queen Heart called, and Sabrina’s clothes changed too and she wore a fuchsia coloured dress and she wore a pink hat with pink heart shaped jewels on it
with a gold tiara over it. Sabrina was so excited and pleased. Both Adam and Sabrina were proud of their knighthoods and their friends cheered and applauded. “May you rule Kaluka with prosperity and happiness!”, called the monarchs, and they revealed two statues of Adam and Sabrina, and the two sat on their thrones and every friend of theirs came to hug them.

Kaluka - part 11

Here is part 11 of "Sabrina & Adam's Adventure In Kaluka", and it is the final battle between Fuchsia Heart and Yellow Fire against Metallix, Banana, Durian, Dark Heart, and Green Ice.

Kaluka is (C) of me and :iconbrainiacadam:, but Sabrina/Fuchsia Heart and Sasha/Dark Heart belong to me while Adam/Yellow Fire and Alan/Green Ice belong to Adam.


Chapter 10: The Great Kalukian War

In the Skyienian Palace, King Rainbow and Queen Heart had gathered all the citizens of the entire land of Kaluka to the Skyienian Palace to talk about the war discussed with Metallix. The two monarchs rose up to speak. “We just went to Shadowmetalland, and we have spoken to Metallix about him terrorizing our kingdom for so many years and we have decided a war is the only way to settle this once and for all.”, King Rainbow announced. “Violence and wars are not usually our thing, but we have no other choice. The war will take place in Shadowmetalland.”, Queen Heart said. “This makes perfect sense, at least then, we can destroy the scrap metal terrorists once and for all!”, Adam agreed. “I whole-heartedly agree with Adam. The Metallic Dynasty and our rivals have brought terror to Kaluka for so long, I feel it’s time to end it once and for all.”, Sabrina added. “Adam, Sabrina, I have gifts for the both of you that is essential to restore the metal sheet slaves and defeat the evil empire.”, Symphonia said to the humans.

She has given Adam a golden shining sword. “Adam, I present you, the Holy Blade of Equality. The magical sword used to fight discrimination and evil of every kind.”, she told him, and she has given Sabrina a bow made of gold and white feathers and arrows with hearts on them. “Sabrina, I present you the Crossbow of Love. The magical bow used to end hatred and bring love and prosperity.”, she told her. “Use the weapons wisely and with all your might.” “Thanks, Symphonia. We will most definitely use them to end the Metallic Dynasty’s reign of terror.”, said Sabrina.

Just then, Lemon and Lime entered the palace, but instead of being giggly as usual, they had worried looks on their faces. “Sorry we’re late.”, said Lemon. “Look, I don’t know what pranks you’re going to play on us, but right now, we don’t need it because we have a bigger problem enough as it is!”, Adam told the twins. “Take a chill! We’re not here to play pranks; we want to help you out in this.”, Lemon replied. “Believe it or not, we used to work for the Metallic Dynasty.”, Lime answered. “We do admit that we used to be on their side, but since they have tried to ruin Kaluka Forest and the rest of Kaluka, we left them. We came for the naughtiness and fun, not for hurting others.”, Lemon said. “Will you please let us join in you in this mission? Pretty please?”, begged Lime.

“Very well then.”, said Adam. “YAY! Thanks Custard, err we mean Adam.”, they said.  “I have been dying to get back the Metallic Dynasty to what they did to my friend for so long and now we are finally getting the chance.”, Apple said happily. “After hearing the good news that metal sheet slaves can be freed, I am determined to be reunited with Yanpookie and my entire gaboonie race more than anything!”, ansewred Goop. “I will use my water powers to my advantage to soak the Metallic Dynasty and rust them up!”, added Aquesio. “And I can’t wait to see what Metallix’s grim fate will be. I wonder what his grim fate will be.”, Adam wondered. “Adam, you will be the first to find out.”, Symphonia told him. Adam grinned and couldn’t wait to see a villain so evil suffer a gruesome fate.

“I hope you have all gathered your weapons and powers, because now the time has come. Come, everyone of Kaluka, to Shadowmetalland!”, called King Rainbow and everybody of Kaluka left the palace made their way to Shadowmetalland.

Meanwhile in the Metallic Dynasty’s hideout, Metallix had gathered the entire of the Metallic Dynasty to discuss the war as well. “Welcome every one of the Metallic Dynasty, I have had a discussion with King Rainbow and Queen Heart; the rulers of Kaluka and we have been super powerful in the past and since they recruited their own humans to their side, every plan we make gets ruined, so I have gathered you all here today as we will take part in a war that will finally help us expand our empire and rule Kaluka!”, Metallix said to every member. He then turned to three metal sheet slaves. One was a sky blue coloured female metal sheet with dark reddish-brown hair, one was a brown coloured male metal sheet, and the third was an orange coloured male metal sheet with a fox’s tail on it. It was Yanpookie; Goop’s girlfriend, Cinnamon; Apple’s best friend, and Boomer; the guardian of Kaluka Forest. The three of them were Metallix’s best metal sheet slaves who never failed him in a mission and loyalty never stopped.

“Destroy the humans, my fellow slaves!”, he ordered. “Yes master!”, they said robotically.

“Those slaves of yours weren’t originally slaves, your highness?”, asked Alan. “No. I hold the power to change anybody who disagrees with us into metal sheet slaves and once they are enslaved, they can never be freed!”, Metallix replied. Alan smiled and loved what Metallix said. “I wish I could hold that power.”, he replied. “I would also like to present you and Sasha some gifts.”, Metallina said and she handed Alan and Sasha weapons similar to what Symphonia gave to Adam and Sabrina. “Alan, I give you the Darkness Blade of Unfairness. A sword that will help you get your way and your way only, no matter how impossible it is.”, Metallina said to Alan. Alan smiled and loved his new weapon. “Sasha, you now wield the Crossbow of Hatred. The weapon to bring doom and misery and end all things bright and happy.”, Metallina said to Sasha. Sasha grinned evilly as she liked her new weapon and couldn’t wait to use it.

“I hope this war is worth it. Queen Heart is a terrible ruler because of those rules. I sincerely hope we win because I deserve to be ruler more than she does.”, said Banana. “I never liked those dim-witted Kalukians anyway!”, added Durian. “This war will be fun as I get to wreck Kaluka once again!”, Cogrush said excitedly.  “Every member, metal sheet slave, nut, bolt, and washer will destroy the Kalukians that dare get in our way! Come everyone! To war we go!”, Metallix called and he and his empire marched to confront the Kalukian team, and there they were, ready to confront the Metallic Dynasty. Each member of the Kalukian team was very nervous but determined to confront the Metallic Dynasty. The Metallic Dynasty were excited and confident they will win the war.

Adam and Sabrina wore suits of armour and wielded their weapons ready for battle. Alan and Sasha did the same. “FOR KALUKA!!!!”, Adam roared, and the Kalukian team ran to attack the Metallic Dynasty. “GET THEM!!!”, roared Metallix and his empire attacked as well. To start things off, Yanpookie confronted Apple and jumped up into the air, but as she tried to swoop down extremely fast onto her and create illusionary shadowy aura copies of herself that would disorient the apple, Apple used her appleseed bullet and shot seeds from her stem to inflict damage on the metal sheet. Yanpookie then used slamming tackle to charge into Apple and then gently drop onto her with her full body weight. Apple was dizzy for a moment, but as soon as she recovered, she summoned a green light which surrounded her as she absorbed it into her body, and shot the green beams of energy from her hands, which made Yanpookie lose half of her health.

Meanwhile, Peach and Cherry had decided to fight in a tag team battle against Durian and Banana, but before they could confront the two evil fruits however, the nuts, bolts, and washers arrived and surrounded the royal assistants. Peach and Cherry started throwing inanimate peaches and cherries to strike Metallix's henchmen, who were being knocked down like bowling pins. The nuts, bolts, and washers retaliated with punches and kicks at the peach and the cherry, until they both used their leaf attacks and launched their sharp-edged leaves to slash their opponents. The metallic henchmen retreated because they couldn't stand the leaves hitting them.

Lemon and Lime got caught in a battle with Metallina, who had been using her future sight ability. However, the psychic beams didn't hit the two citrus fruits because they were using water guns filled with a sharp, sour acid and squirted them at the psychic beams, this was causing the beams to instantly explode and disappear. Metallina was furious, so she teleported away, but she was caught off guard when Lemon and Lime turned around and giggled as they started tossing inanimate lemons and limes to pummel her.

Goop was in a battle with Metallix, the gaboonie began by gently jabbing the metal sheet with his sharply pointed horns to inflict damage, but Metallix tried to use metallic shockwave, but Goop moved out of the way just in time and countered with slamming tackle. "You foolish gaboonie! Do you realize that thirty years ago, tonight my perfect plan to expand my empire would of been a reality if you hadn't interfered with it? Well now, it's my turn to get revenge on you for doing that, so prepare to become a metal sheet slave along with your little girlfriend!", Metallix told Goop. "You wouldn't dare try to do that to me would you? And you will pay for what you have done to Yanpookie and attempting to destroy our beautiful forest.", Goop growled in irritation at Metallix.

Art and Gum were in a tag team battle with Durian and Banana. Banana began the fight with Gum by throwing banana peels on the ground to make the pink squirrel slip on them, but Gum jumped into the air and performed several bites and scratches as Banana used her banana boomerang ability on Gum. The squirrel eventually finished off the banana with a combination of somersault glides and tail slap.

Durian had been firing his spike missiles at Art, while the raccoon was delivering a series of punches and kicks to the durian. This made the spiky fruit attempt to crush Art with shadow slamming tackle, which was an improvised combination of slamming tackle and shadow attack. However, the raccoon moved out of the way and defeated Durian with a tail slap.

Patch had been facing Boomer in this battle. The badger had started to attack with his bite and scratch techniques, while the fox-turned-metal sheet lunged at Patch to slam tackle and bite him. Patch gave Boomer a sympathetic look and sighed, "I know that one day you be the guardian of Kaluka Forest once again. Metallix deserves to be severely punished for this." Boomer looked very offended as he heard what Patch said about Metallix. "How dare you insult Emperor Metallix. I worked hard to get where I am today, and proud to be serving the Metallic Dynasty. Perhaps, I should order to have you be a slave to the emperor as your punishment!", said the metal sheet with the fox tail.

Cogrush charged to Aquesio then jumped into the air and acted as a buzzsaw and aimed for the Seaweed Kingdom's ruler, hoping to cut the raindrop in an attempt to crush him. At that very moment, Aquesio fired a barrage of bubbles at Cogrush which successfully and completely stopped the cog's strong and fast attack in midair. "What in the name of Shadowmetalland happened? My buzzsaw attack is my most favourite technique, and it's impossible to stop it!", Cogrush complained to Aquesio. The raindrop grinned at the cog and said, "You should know by know that evil will never have a chance to win over good, it is impossible to do so." Hearing this made Cogrush angry and he retreated for now, but he vowed to destroy Aquesio the next time they met.

Sabrina and Adam were preparing to face Sasha and Alan in a team battle, Sabrina held her Crossbow of Love in her hands and prepared to aim it at Sasha. "Alright, Sasha. It's time to end all things related to doom, hatred, and misery.", Sabrina said. Sasha rolled her eyes and snorted in contempt at both her rival's words and weapon. "Honestly, why are you for everything that I am so against? If I was the President of the United States of America, I'd make sure that kindness, caring, happiness, love, laughter, and fun was a thing of the past. The world is meant for selfishness, greed, unhappiness, hatred, sadness, and boredom.", Sasha replied in a bored and tired tone.

"Oh, you wouldn't dare.", Adam replied with a bit of anger at Sasha's words. "I would so. And there's nothing that you can do about it, Adam. Anyway, how did you meet Sabrina? The two of you seem to be very close.", Sasha told Adam. "That's none of your business how we met.", Adam answered. "You'd better tell me how the two of you met or I will use my Crossbow of Hatred to destroy your strong bond with my rival forever! HA, HA, HA!", Sasha threatened him. "We met online.", Adam replied. "Are you serious? You have got to be kidding me. I have never heard of anyone being 100% honest with each other online. The internet is supposed to be used for making false claims for dishonest purposes, but you two had to break that rule for some reason.", Sasha answered.

"Well. Sasha is right on this. Anyway, prepare to lose, Ad-dumb! Because when the Metallic Dynasty wins this war, they will help me get my way and my way only, no matter how impossible it is. Once I defeat every Kalukian and Skyienian, Sabrina won't be able to help but fall in love with me. And then, she can become my queen and we can create a winter wonderland together and live happily ever after while causing it to be winter permanently everywhere else in the world!", Alan declared proudly. "Don't count on winning just yet, Alan. I will be fighting for Kaluka's freedom to fight discrimination and evil of every kind.", Adam told his rival. And then, a huge fight between the kind-hearted humans and their evil look-a-likes began.

Adam started the fight by swinging the Holy Blade of Equality towards Alan, but Alan countered with the Darkness Blade of Unfairness, which caused the two swords to clash together and create an explosion underground. "The impact of those swords clanking together felt like an earthquake or an erupting volcano.", Sabrina remarked as she saw Adam and Alan's fight before starting her own with Sasha. "Well, Sabrina. Once I destroy you, all things bright and happy will be non-exsistant. Because you won't be there to be able to fix it!", Sasha exclaimed in delight. Sabrina looked panicked for a moment, then drew out her Crossbow of Love and and fired an arrow at Sasha, but she dodged it and the arrow was on the ground next to her. Sasha picked up the arrow with heart on it and groaned in exasperation. "What is the meaning of this? These arrows aren't sharp and pointy, they have soft plush velvet hearts on them. This is some sort of joke!", she said in disbelief.

Sabrina was upset at Sasha's ridicule of the Crossbow of Love, so she drew out her wiggle stick to annoy her rival, while Sasha did the same. Adam had just thrown a fireball at Alan, and Alan had stumbled backward for a moment. Alan then tried punch Adam, but Adam used his super speed to get away, so Alan chased after him. Meanwhile back with Sabrina and Sasha, they were in an argument about love and hate. Adam accidently caused Alan to bump into Sasha, which distracted her from her argument with Sabrina. "HOW DARE YOU RUDELY PUSH YOUR WAY INTO MY PERSONAL SPACE?", Sasha yelled at Alan. "I did no such thing, it was Adam who pushed me.", Alan explained to her. "Whatever. Anyway, I have an idea. I think we should steal Adam's sword and combine it with yours, so those goody-goodies will be defeated in no time!", Sasha informed Alan. Nearby, Sabrina and Adam were talking about how much they were enjoying their time in Kaluka.

While Sabrina and Adam were talking, Alan snuck up on Adam and successfully stole the Holy Blade of Equality and then he threw it to Sasha. Sasha grinned evilly and cackled in delight as she said, "At last the Holy Blade of Equality is ours, so now we can fuse it with the Darkness Blade of Unfairness and then the whole world of Kaluka will be in our control with our all-powerful hands!" Then, Sabrina used her wiggle stick as a boomerang to distract Sasha, however, it backfired because she didn't have a good grip on it and accidently dropped it on the ground as it bounced a few times and landed a few steps away from her.

Alan had seen the wiggle stick land on the ground by his feet so he picked it up and decided to pull a mean joke on Sabrina, so he whistled to get her attention. As soon as Sabrina looked at Alan, he gave her his most malicious grin and he held her wiggle stick in front of her and was holding it out of her reach as he wiggled it to annoy her. Then, Alan changed his voice and pitched it to a falsetto in as close as he could get to Sabrina's voice and said, "Oh look! I'm Sabrina, and this is my most prized possession. Watch it wiggle!"

Adam seethed with rage at Alan bullying Sabrina. “Plan B!”, he called. It was difficult, but he spun around and in a flash of light, and became Yellow Fire. He burned Alan with his a giant flamethrower, which caused him to scream in agony and drop the wiggle stick, and he also got his Holy Blade of Equality back too. “You filthy slimy scum! You do not deserve to be here in Kaluka!”, Yellow Fire told him as he gave Sabrina back her wiggle stick and gave her the opportunity to become Fuchsia Heart. “Tough cookies, Adam. Me and Sasha are here now!”, Alan replied. “Not for long!”, Yellow Fire answered as he combined his fire powers with his golden sword and slashed Alan, causing him to fall unconscious.

Sabrina has become Fuchsia Heart and she pointed her Crossbow of Love at Sasha, but she wasn’t afraid. “Oh look, Soppy Sabrina is ever so desperate to defeat me! That’s so sweet! Bless her!”, Sasha patronized in a syrupy sweet voice. “My first attempt failed, but my second one will not!”, Fuchsia Heart said, and she fired her bow, and a beam of light soared at Sasha, which sent her flying and slammed onto the ground, and it heavily damaged her. Sasha became red with rage. “That hurt! You’ll pay for that!”, she said angrily. “I do not think so!”, Fuchsia Heart replied, and she kicked Sasha in the face and made her fall unconscious.

Meanwhile, the fairies of Giggle Garden used their magic to fight Cinnamon. They were small and their magic wasn’t very powerful, but they were quick. Cinnamon drew out an inanimate cinnamon stick to use it as a sword and he used it to slash the fairies, but they flew around him to annoy him as if they were house flies. “You little fairies think you’re so smart, but remember, one of you became one of us, and you annoy me again, you will join us!”, the brown metal sheet said. The fairies stopped annoying him and shivered with fear. Cinnamon laughed, until Symphonia casted a paralysis spell on him. “You should be reunited with your friend, Apple!”, she told him. “You’re right! I should, so I can kill her!”, Cinnamon replied and he looked for Apple so he can destroy her.

Passion Fruit, Strawberry and Pineapple were busy fighting Cavalwar. Cavalwar swiped his sword to slash the 3 fruits. Pineapple was spiky, just like Durian was so he fired spikes from his body and he drew out a surfboard and flew straight to the suit of armour. “Cowabunga, dude!”, he called. Despite her elegant personality, Strawberry was an accomplished fighter and she karate yelled as she slapped Cavalwar. “I like a knight in shining armour, but you lack manners!”, she told him. “I will make a fruit salad out of you!”, Cavalwar answered, and he drew out his axe, he heavily swiped it, but each fruit just managed to avoid him, but Passion Fruit fired a green beam at him with her nature power attack.

The instruments of Musical-Land were also doing their best to fight as well, as they took on several metal sheet slaves Metallix created. Their attacks were mainly sound related and became as deafening as possible. Trumpet, Trombone, and Saxaphone blew them away, while Drum pounded and made shockwaves. Violin used her bow to fight the metal sheet slaves.

The royal family of Kaluka were also in battle as well. Prince Starlow and Princess Starina fought the nuts, bolts and washers with star-shaped rays, King Rainbow fought by firing a rainbow beam, while Queen Heart fought with heart shaped rays. They fought them all until they met Superbot and Valentina. “Hello, children. Did you miss me?”, asked Valentina. The star children had mixtures of emotion. They were surprised, overjoyed and confused. “Valentina! It’s you! We miss you, but why are you still on the Metallic Dynasty’s side?”, asked Prince Starlow. “Don’t worry, it is a plan to help me and Superbot get free from them.”, Valentina answered “You will come back to us soon will you?”, asked Princess Starina. “Of course I will, children.”, Valentina replied. “Now we are in war, I don’t think we need to keep our secret hidden anymore. Now is out perfect chance to free ourselves from the Metallic Dynasty.”, said Superbot as he, Valentina, and the royal family of Kaluka fought the Metallic Dynasty.

With Alan and Sasha fallen unconscious, Yellow Fire and Fuchsia Heart decided to help out their team fight the Metallic Dynasty. “Some of them are still in the hideout. Let’s separate and hurry!”, said Yellow Fire, and he and Fuchsia Heart rushed into the hideout to fight the remaining Metallic Dynasty members.

Meanwhile, Aquesio and Cogrush were still fighting. Cogrush attempted to charge at the raindrop, but he quickly turned into a rain cloud, which helped him avoid the attack. “I may not have succeeded the first time, but I will the second!”, he said to Aquesio and he performed his buzzsaw technique, which was about to hit Aquesio but he became a raincloud again and avoided it. Cogrush then tried to throw inanimate cogs at him. Suddenly, a stream of acid coming from Lemon and Lime flew at the cog and Aquesio threw a stream of water at him. This caused Cogrush to rust up. “Noooooooo! You’ll regret this….”, he said weakly as the acid and water rusted and killed him. “Thanks for helping me out you two. “No problem, Drip-Drop.”, the two citrus twins replied. Aquesio was confused what Lemon and Lime called him but thankful they helped him.

Later, as the war went on and was becoming vicious than ever, Lemon and Lime decided to play a prank on the unconscious Alan and Sasha, they drew out permanent marker pens and scribbled on their faces. Lime made Alan look like he had lipstick and long eyelashes, while Lemon drew a pair of glasses, a curly moustache and a goatee on Sasha’s face. Lemon and Lime giggled. “Bogeyman and the Queen of Mean will be so angry when they wake up and see what we have done to them.” They giggled, and they left to help out their team-mates in the war.

King Rainbow and Queen Heart soon confronted Durian and Banana as they have stolen their children. “Oh, Queen Heart, long time no see!”, Banana said to the royal heart. “I will never forgive you after you betrayed me!”, Queen Heart said to Banana. “Where are our children? We demand to know!”, King Rainbow said angrily to the evil fruits. “We have them captured in these pods and we are going to give them to Metallix so he can brainwash them.”, Durian told the monarchs. He then drew out small pods containing the prince and princess trapped and begging for help. “Unless of course you surrender and let us rule your kingdom.”, he also added. “Surrender? NEVER!”, Rainbow replied “Then say goodbye to your spoiled little brats!”, Durian said, suddenly, Superbot and Valentina fired lasers at the fruits and set Starlow and Starina free, and they ran to their parents and hugged them. “Did you just zap us?!”, asked Banana. “We have a confession to make, we are not the annoying clumsy idiots we seem to be, we are much more intelligent and we are leaving your empire.”, Superbot told them. “You dare betray us?!”, asked Durian. “Sorry, but we serve the Metallic Dynasty no more!”, Valentina told them. “Nobody betrays us! You’ll pay for this!”, said Banana, and the two redeemed robots helped the royal family fight the evil fruits.

Durian gave an evil grin as he said, "Let’s get those traitorous robots for what they have to us!" King Rainbow was furious, he glared at Durian, and replied, "Banana! Durian! YOU TRAITORS!!" "Oh, what are you gonna do about it? Send us to Skyienian dungeons?", Banana smirked as she answered sarcastically. "That’s exactly where you two are heading!", Queen Heart replied in an authoritarian tone. "I don't think that your boasting about sending Durian and I to the dungeons will work because I know for a fact that Emperor Metallix will be victorious in this war!", Banana said in arrogant voice. "Banana is absolutely right because she never lies, unlike that fairy Symphonia, who made completely fake statements at the Lunar Festival.", Durian replied.

Then a battle between the robots and the royal family against the evil fruits began. Durian started rolling towards Superbot, which he hit him, and was quite a heavy blow, as the robot counterattacked with his rock-hard punch technique, which caused the durian to stumble a bit. Durian then breathed on Superbot, which smelt terrible, but Superbot wouldn’t allow Durian to defeat him that easily. Banana projected herself like a boomerang at Valentina, which did hit her. Valentina then started spinning around and threw lots of miniature explosive hearts flew at Banana, most of them were annoying her, as if they were flies, and some managed to distort her vision. "I can’t see! I’ll get you for this, Valentina!", she replied angrily. And then, once the hearts disappeared, Banana threw a banana peel, which made Valentina slip. "Oops! Clumsy you!", Banana replied in a sarcastic tone of voice.

Durian decided to start launching spikes from his body at King Rainbow after he had battled Superbot for a bit, but Peach and Cherry had arrived and interfeared with this battle by confronting Durian and Banana. It was Peach's leaf attack which had stopped Durian's spikes from hitting King Rainbow. Banana drew out her laser gun and she began to start firing lasers at Queen Heart since she didn't want to continue fighting Valentina at the moment, but the lasers were being sliced in half by Cherry's leaf attack technique before they could even hit the queen. Durian also did the same as Banana, as he too drew out his laser gun and started firing lasers at King Rainbow, but Peach had used his leaves to cut the lasers in half and explode, so they wouldn't harm the king. Peach threw an inanimate peach at Durian, while Cherry also threw an inanimate cherry at Banana, which made Durian trip over Banana and caused them to fall over. Durian used his spike missile attack on Peach, while Banana threw banana peels to make Cherry slip on them, but Peach and Cherry began launching leaves at the two evil fruits, which caused them to become angry because they didn't like the leaves hitting them.

In the hideout, Yellow Fire was looking for a Metallic Dynasty member to fight, he then noticed Goop unwillingly fighting Yanpookie. “Yanpookie, please stop! It’s me, your love of your life, Goop!”, Goop cried. “Love of my life? Yeah right! I am a member of the Metallic Dynasty and proud of it! I will destroy you for ruining my master’s master plan to pour liquid metal in Kaluka Forest!”, Yanpookie replied. Goop didn’t want to fight his own girlfriend so all he can do was run. “There is no getting away, gaboonie!”, she said to him. Yellow Fire leaped into the air and he slashed his Holy Blade of Equality on Yanpookie. “Get away from him!”, Yellow Fire yelled. “Oh, the superhero who ruined many of my master’s plans, well as a loyal slave of his, I never fail a mission and I will accomplish this one by killing you and that gaboonie!”, Yanpookie said. “Don’t speak to soon! You’re going back to the Kalukians’ side whether you like it or not!”, Yellow Fire replied. “How dare you try and force me to betray my master, prepare to die!”, Yanpookie said, taking offence to Yellow Fire’s comment and as she tried to fight the yellow superhero, he punched her hard and he flew into the air and slashed her hard with his holy sword and she fell unconscious.

“Did you just kill her?” asked Goop. “I’m so sorry, Goop, but I had no choice, I had to save your life.”, Yellow Fire said sadly to his friend. “I understand, Adam.” Goop replied and was almost about to cry. “I’m so sorry Metallix did this to you, Yanpookie. I will miss you dearly. I love you so much and always will.”, Goop said tearfully as he kissed Yanpookie on the cheeks. Suddenly, the blue coloured metal sheet began to glow and change shape, she was becoming the same shape as Goop. The spell was breaking and the metal sheet was changing back into a gaboonie and her memories were being restored. Goop saw what was happening to Yanpookie and couldn’t believe his eyes. The female gaboonie yawned and rose. “Oh dear, what’s happening, where am I?”, she asked. “Goop, is that you?” Goop was shocked and overjoyed to be reunited with his girlfriend. “Yanpookie, it’s you! Oh I missed you so much!”, he cried. “What’s going on, and is that a human I see?”, Yanpookie asked. Goop explained what had happened to Yanpookie and introduced Adam/Yellow Fire. “Really? I can’t believe I served that evil empire and they made me turn against you for all those 30 years! Oh, Goop, I am so sorry!”, cried Yanpookie. “It’s alright, my love, you can thank Adam, I would never have been reunited with you if it hadn’t had been for him.”, Goop replied. “Well, dear, thank you for restoring me.”, Yanpookie thanked Yellow Fire. “I’m so glad I could help you, but I must go, many other Kalukians are under Metallix’s influence and need my help.”, Yellow Fire replied. “Alright. Good luck, Yellow Fire, and thank you!”, said Goop as Yellow Fire flew away and Goop and Yanpookie join in their allies in the war.

Yellow Fire soon went into another room, where Cinnamon was fighting an unwilling Apple. “Cinnamon, what are you doing? I am your best friend, Apple.”, Apple cried. “Correction, the Metallic Dynasty are my friends, especially my master, Metallix!”, Cinnamon replied. “But not for long!”, Yellow Fire butted in. “What’s this? Oh, so you’re that pesky human that ruined my master’s plans, well it’s payback time!”, Cinnamon said to Yellow Fire. “Well guess what, I just managed to restore Yanpookie back to her original state!”, Yellow Fire said to the brown coloured metal sheet. “You did what?! How dare you! Along with me and Boomer, Yanpookie was one of my master’s favourite slaves!”, Cinnamon said angrily to the superhero. “And you’re next!!”, Yellow Fire replied. Cinnamon was about to attack, until Yellow Fire leaped into the air and slashed his sword at him. Cinnamon laid on the ground unconscious. “What have you done?! You didn’t kill him did you?”, asked Apple. “No, Apple, just go over to him and hug him.”, Yellow Fire replied. Apple went to the unconscious Cinnamon and cried. “I’m so sorry, Cinnamon! I’m so sorry that I wasn’t there to stick up for you when Banana bullied and kidnapped you. I’ll never forgive myself! Goodbye, Cinnamon. I’ll miss you!”, Apple said tearfully, and then Cinnamon began to glow and his shape changed and he became an anthromorphic cinnamon stick and his thoughts and memories have been restored. He woke up to see Apple crying. “Hey, Apple, what’s with the tears?”, he asked.

“Cinnamon, is that you?”, Apple asked “The one and only! Your bezzie mate you had for years!”, Cinnamon replied. Apple’s remaining tears were now tears of joy. “Oh, Cinnamon, I’m so glad you’re alright! I thought I’d never see you again!”, Apple cried happily. “You wouldn’t believe what Banana did to me.”, Cinnamon said. “I know, Cinnamon, and she even made you work for the Metallic Dynasty as well.”, Apple told him. “She did what? Oh that evil rotting fruit! How could she do that to me?!”, Cinnamon asked. “But it doesn’t matter now, you can thank my new friend here.”, Apple said, introducing Adam/Yellow Fire. “Thanks for changing me back to normal.”, Cinnamon thanked. “That is alright, but my work is not done. I must go!”, Yellow Fire replied. “I know, but thanks!”, answered Apple. And Yellow Fire left, while Apple and Cinnamon went to join in their allies in the war.

Yellow Fire went to yet another room and Art, Gum, and Patch were fighting Boomer. “We were told that the spell on you can be broken!”, Art said to the metal sheet with the fox’s tail. “The spell makes me stronger and the fairy spoke lies! I will not fail my master and I will fulfil his mission by destroying you all!”, Boomer replied. “Boomer, please stop!”, cried Gum, but that just caused him to laugh at the animals. “It may be 3 against 1, but I am superior!”, Boomer laughed. “Actually, make that 4 against 1!” said Yellow Fire. “YOU!”, said Boomer angrily. “Yes, me! Yanpookie and Cinnamon are free from Metallix’s bonds, and you are next!”, Yellow Fire replied. “You foolish human! metal sheet slaves cannot be freed!”, Boomer told him. “Oh really, just look out the window and see them!”, Yellow Fire said. Boomer looked out the window and saw Goop and Yanpookie charging after the nuts, bolts and washers, while Apple and Cinnamon got their revenge on Banana and Durian by helping the royal family, their assistants, and the two robots in that battle. Boomer was furious. “Why you!!!”, he snapped and he lunged at Yellow Fire and attempted to bite him, but Yellow Fire swiped his sword and Boomer fell unconscious. “What’s going on? Is Boomer alright?”, asked Art. “You just killed him! You murderer!”, Patch accused. “First of all, I did not kill him, second, I saved your lives and thirdly you three should go over to him, hug him and show your love! Your love is what restores him!”, Yellow Fire answered.

Art, Gum, and Patch each hugged the unconscious Boomer and suddenly, he began to glow and his shape changed to that of a red fox and his thoughts and memories were being restored. Boomer yawned and woke up. “What has happened? Art, Gum, Patch, long time no see. The only thing I remember is when the Metallic Dynasty threatened our forest and Metallix tried to brainwash a female fox and I sacrificed myself for her.”, Boomer said. “You were brave, but that resulted you being a slave to the Metallic Dynasty yourself.”, Art told him. “Really? Well how did I change back?”, asked Boomer. “Look behind you.”, Gum told him, and Boomer looked behind him and saw Yellow Fire. “A human? I never knew such species would exist. I can’t believe that the Metallic Dynasty would make me turn against my friends. Thank you for freeing me.”, Boomer thanked. “No problem, but as you can see, everybody in Kaluka is in a war with the Metallic Dynasty, fighting them once and for all and we need your help.”, Yellow Fire said. “Very well. Then I will come to everybody’s aid!”, said Boomer. “Count us in!, said Art. “Good luck, Adam!”, said Gum. “Show that Metallix what you are made of.”, said Patch, and Yellow Fire left.

Meanwhile, Fuchsia Heart restored more metal sheet slaves with her bow and arrows. She managed to restore the fairy she witnessed getting brainwashed, and more gaboonies were getting restored as well. She then explored the hideout of the Metallic Dynasty until she saw Metallina and Cavalwar in her way. “Look, that silly girl is ruining all our good work! Get her, Cavalwar!”, Metallina ordered. “As you wish, my empress!”, Cavalwar replied and he drew out his axe, ready to kill Fuchsia Heart, until Symphonia appeared. “I have come to your aid, Fuchsia Heart!”, she said. “The fairy! Come to tell more lies I see?”, asked Metallina. “For your information, I am not lying and Adam, or should that be Yellow Fire, has restored Metallix’s favourite slaves, and Sabrina, now known as Fuchsia Heart, has even restored the remaining slaves as well.”, Symphonia replied. “WHAT?! Do you have any idea how angry Metallix will be if he finds that out?”, Metallina screeched in a shocked tone as she grimaced. “Destroy them!”, she then ordered the suit of armour. Fuchsia Heart fought Metallina and Symphonia fought Cavalwar.

Fuchsia Heart fired her Crossbow of Love at Metallina, which she avoided. She then showed a distorted future of Fuchsia Heart of her and Yellow Fire getting killed by her. Sabrina got out her wiggle stick to annoy Metallina and then threw it at her. Metallina then used several brainwaves to give Fuchsia Heart a headache. Fuchsia Heart retaliated with explosive hearts.

Cavalwar drew out his axe and swiped it. Symphonia avoided the attack by teleporting. She then retaliated with glowing balls of light and threw them at Cavalwar. He then swiped his sword at the fairy, and again, she avoided the attack.

Metallina jumped into the air and swooped really fast onto Fuchsia Heart and created illusionary shadowy aura clones and disorientated Fuchsia Heart, but she was saved by Symphonia. “How dare you interfere!”, Metallina told the fairy. The metal ball ordered the suit of armour to attack, but Symphonia charged up her wand and fired a giant bolt at Cavalwar and the spell made him lose his life and become inanimate again. Metallina was furious. “You ruined my creation! You’ll pay for this, fairy!”, Metallina said angrily. She and Symphonia then fought, while they were fighting, this was Fuchsia Heart’s perfect chance to use her signature superpower. Three floating hearts appeared in her hands. “Alright, Metallina, feel the love!” she called, and she tossed the three hearts at Metallina and it made her feel all warm and fuzzy inside. “Oooooh! I feel so happy now…”, she said blissfully. “That’s the spirit!”, said Fuchsia Heart, giving a thumbs up. Symphonia then casted a sleeping spell, which put Metallina into a deep sleep. She and Fuchsia Heart went back outside to help out their teammates in the war.

Back with Yellow Fire, he has made it into Metallix’s throne room. The door behind him slammed shut. “This must be Metallix’s throne room. Where is he?”, Yellow Fire asked himself. Soon, Metallix himself appeared and he was furious. “YOU!!”, he shouted. “Once again, we finally meet, for the last time!”, Yellow Fire said. “You have lost me my favourite slaves! How dare you!!!”, Metallix roared angrily. “Looks like we proved you wrong. Symphonia wasn’t lying and you know very well she wasn’t.”, Yellow Fire told the metal sheet. Metallix was angrier than ever. “Nobody proves me wrong! You got in the way of my plans to expand my empire and rule Kaluka since day one! Now, my chance has finally come to destroy you!”, Metallix said angrily. Yellow Fire drew out the Holy Blade of Equality. “If anybody here in Kaluka deserves to die, it’s you Metallix!”, Yellow Fire replied. “I will destroy you, then resurrect you to become my ultimate slave and bring back all my slaves you have freed and we can finally expand our empire!”, Metallix said, determined to kill Yellow Fire. “Then prepare yourself, Metallix! Your reign of terror ends today and now!”, Yellow Fire answered. “Now, Adam, prepare to die!”, roared Metallix.

This was it, the final battle between Yellow Fire and Metallix was about to commence.

Kaluka - part 10

Here is part 10 of "Sabrina & Adam's Adventure In Kaluka", and the Kalukian resdents fight against the Shadowmetallanders of the Metallic Dynasty in a war to see which side wins sole ownership of the magical land.

Kaluka is (C) of me and :iconbrainiacadam:, but Sabrina/Fuchsia Heart and Sasha/Dark Heart belong to me while Adam/Yellow Fire and Alan/Green Ice belong to Adam.


Chapter 9: Green Ice And Dark Heart

Back in Shadowmetalland, Alan and Sasha were still waiting for the surprise Banana and Durian were making them. “Man, that Sabrina is a real beauty. She would make a good queen on my side.”, Alan said. “ALAN!! That’s my rival you’re falling in love with! Do you realize that?!”, Sasha snapped at him, as she rested her hands on her hips. "Don't start that nonsense with me, Sasha! For your information, no one can help who they fall in love with! Well, you obviously don't think of Sabrina of the way I do, because I have a longing...I want to get to know her. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get away, to be alone. Just to think!", Alan snapped as he snorted in contempt.

Then Alan stomped out and left the Metallic Dynasty hideout to take a walk through the scrapyard, he didn't care that Sasha was angry with him for falling in love with her rival. He even walked out of Shadowmetalland into Kaluka Forest, and he noticed Sabrina right away. Using her recently gained ability from Symphonia, Sabrina had decided to take a walk, just to get some fresh air, while Adam was playing a game of cards with King Rainbow and Peach back in the palace. Sabrina was just minding her own business when she looked up and her eyes met Alan's, she was very nervous and surprised to see him to say the least. "Hi, Sabrina. I know that we didn't have much time to talk earlier today. Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Alan.", Alan greeted her as he smiled seductively and put his hand on her shoulder.

"Um. Hi, Alan. What brings you here?", Sabrina said in a very low and quiet tone. "I'm here because I want to get to know you better, but please promise me that you won't tell Adam that I told you this. And I will confess to you, that I actually enjoyed being hit your wiggle stick. I'm glad that Sasha moved out of the way.", Alan imformed her. "If you are allies with Sasha and the Metallic Dynasty, then why are you here wanting to know more about me?", Sabrina asked in a confused voice. "Because you are very beautiful and attractive to me. I love you, Sabrina. And I have ever since I first saw you in the forest today during our fights with Sasha and Adam. I absolutely hate Adam with a passion.", Alan said as he proceeded to tell Sabrina about how he met Adam and all the cruel things that he had done to his kind-hearted counterpart.

Sabrina gasped in horror and shock as she heard about Alan's heartless behavior towards Adam. "Alan, how could you do that to Adam!? He is a really nice guy with a polite personality, and you decided to take advantage of his kindness and hurt him for no reason. You had no rights to do what you did to him, and someday I hope you'll pay for this.", Sabrina said in her severest tone of voice. Alan ignored Sabrina's angry tone, as he gave her a truly genuine warm and friendly smile. Sabrina had never felt so confused in her whole life, she now knew that Alan was purely evil but he was acting like a calm, noble, almost gallant, sweet, and kind gentleman towards her. Sabrina's mind was screaming at her as she started to slowly pull back, while her brain was still trying to catch up with what she was currently thinking. Then, Alan pulled Sabrina closer to him and attempted to kiss her on the cheek, but she batted him away with her hand before he could actually perform the kiss.

"Get away from me! I am going tell you how things are going to be, Alan: I never want you to hurt Adam ever again in any way, shape, or form. Once you have left Kaluka and return to your home, I hope that you will go on with your life, pretending that Adam doesn't exist. Now if you'll please excuse me, I better get back to the Skyienian Palace or Adam will wonder where I got off to. Goodbye, Alan.", Sabrina informed him in serious tone, as she turned and walked away. Alan watched Sabrina leave, as he suddenly realized that she didn't have any romantic interest in him as he headed back to the Metallic Dynasty hideout.

Forty-five minutes later, Alan returned to Shadowmetalland and stormed in the Metallic Dynasty hideout with an angry look on his face. "You surely look considerably calmer and happier after your walk.", Sasha said sarcastically, as she noticed the look on his face. "Your rival...rejected me!!", Alan informed Sasha in a mad voice.

The two evil humans waited until Metallix called them. “Alan and Sasha to the throne room!”, he called by loudspeaker. Alan and Sasha went to the throne room where Metallix was waiting for them. “You called, your highness?”, asked Sasha. “Alan, Sasha, the surprises Banana and Durian were making for you are finally complete. Banana, Durian, present your surprises to the humans!”, Metallix said.

Durian and Banana held costumes in their hands to give to Alan and Sasha. “Alan, Sasha, we present you, your new and improved selves, guaranteed to destroy your rivals, and achieve our goals in ruling Kaluka!”, Durian said. Alan picked up the costume from Durian and held it in his hands. “Now, I want you to spin around and think of everything that makes you angry in order to activate your new self!”, Durian told Alan. “Really? Sounds a bit silly don’t you think?”, Alan replied. “Do it! Or it won’t work!”, Durian told him. Alan thought of everything that makes him angry and everything he hates, then he spun around, while the angry thoughts stayed in his head, and he did this until in an explosion, Alan wore the costume Durian made him. He wore a green top with a snowflake on it, green leggings, a blue belt, blue boots, and an emerald green cape.

“Is it just me, or do I look that Adam’s superhero look? You know, Yellow Fire.”, Alan asked. “You have similar powers, as you can fly, you have super strength, super speed, weapon proof, but the difference is, you have ice powers.”, Durian told him. “Really? I got test that out!”, Alan said. Alan fired an icy beam and he leaped into the air and created a chilly shockwave, which got all the Metallic Dynasty members shivering. “Not bad! I really like it. I think I shall be known as Green Ice looking like this.”, Alan said.

“Good, now what about me?”, asked Sasha. She picked up the costume Banana was holding. “So I take it that you want me to do the same as what Alan did. Spin around and think of angry things?”, asked Sasha. “No. You will do something completely different: all you have to do is stand still, clench your fists tightly, and focus on all of her anger and negative feelings as your temper rises above normal, as you become surrounded by a dark red aura, as this flash of energy allows you to become your supervillainess form.”, Banana replied. “Very well. There are lots of things that make me angry so this should be easy.”, Sasha said, and she did what Banana told her to do, while holding the costume in her hands while thinking of things that make her angry, and she did this until in an explosion, she wore the costume Banana made her. She wore a dark red coloured top, dark red coloured leggings, black boots and the dark red top had a brown heart on it.

“Hmm, not bad, but wait a minute, I look like that Fuchsia Heart Sabrina pretends to be.”, Sasha said. “True, but you are the exact opposite of her. Instead, you hold the power of hatred. You can make anybody gloomy, miserable, and depressed, and you can create bitter hatred with your new power too.”, Banana answered. 

“Now that, I like! In that form, I will be known as Dark Heart!”, Sasha said. “Very good name for your new alter-ego, I like it.”, replied Banana. “With my new power, I can turn this silly fairy-tale land into a winter wonderland.”, Green Ice said proudly. “And to combine that, I’ll make sure Christmas won’t exist with my new power. Everyone will be too depressed and grumpy to celebrate it.”, Dark Heart added. “Good, now prove to me and my empire you are new and improved and make sure Adam and Sabrina will meet their match.”, Metallix said, and Green Ice and Dark Heart flew away to start a new reign of terror to Kaluka.

Back in the Skyienian Palace, Sabrina told Adam about Alan having romantic feelings for her. “He did what?! Don’t fall for him, Sabrina. That guy is scum!”, Adam told her. “I don’t think I’d ever will. I’d rather scrub the floors of the Skyienian Palace than be his wife!”, Sabrina answered. “I don’t blame you. Oh, I just wish the Metallic Dynasty didn’t bring our rivals here.", Adam replied. Suddenly outside, it slowly became colder and also began to snow outside, then became a raging blizzard. “Why did it suddenly turn cold all of a sudden?”, asked Sabrina. Adam also noticed Peach and Cherry arguing, and he also noticed King Rainbow and Queen Heart arguing as well. “That’s unusual behaviour from them. What gives?”, asked Adam. “I just hope this isn’t the work of the Metallic Dynasty again.”, Said Sabrina. “Well we better become our superhero selves and sort out this issue.”, said Adam.

Adam spun around and thought of positive things, while Sabrina got out her potion and took a sip of it, and in a bright flash, they became Yellow Fire and Fuchsia Heart. Fuchsia Heart used the power of love on Peach, Cherry, King Rainbow and Queen Heart and it snapped them out of their argument. They then apologized to each other for getting into that unusual argument. “We do apologize for that atrocious behaviour. We didn’t know what came over us all of a sudden.”, King Rainbow apologized. “How could someone turn me against my husband? I would never be so horrible to him.”, Queen Heart said in a confused voice. “Who would make me turn against the love of my life?”, asked Peach. “That is something I want to know too.”, Cherry replied. “We better go out and investigate.”, said Yellow Fire, and he and Fuchsia Heart went out to find where the blizzard is coming from.

Yellow Fire and Fuchsia Heart flew to Kaluka Forest and there was snow everywhere. Fuchsia Heart was freezing, but she warmed up thanks to Yellow Fire’s warmth. They noticed their friends were feeling miserable and grumpy, but Fuchsia Heart used her powers to cheer them up and Yellow Fire melted the snow with his warm fire powers. Green Ice and Dark Heart have found the two superheroes and they grinned. “Now we got them, exactly where we want them.”, said Dark Heart. She and Green Ice confronted Yellow Fire and Fuchsia Heart. “So we meet again.”, Green Ice told the superheroes. “You had better say your prayers because we are now new and improved.”, Dark Heart said. “So it was you who created that blizzard!”,  Yellow Fire said to Green Ice. “And you were the one who spread all that negativity in Kaluka.”, Fuchsia Heart said to Dark Heart. “You got that right. We are now new and improved thanks to the Metallic Dynasty.”, Green Ice told them. “And now we can kill you for real!”, Dark Heart said.

“Try us!”, said Yellow Fire and another battle began. The battle began when Yellow Fire fired a flamethrower at Green Ice, and Green Ice fired an ice beam at Yellow Fire, which caused the two beams to clash. Fuchsia Heart then tried to use the power of love on Dark Heart, but it had no effect on her. “Nice try, Soppy Sabrina, but your lovey dovey stuff no longer works on me!”, Dark Heart told her, then she tried to use the power of hatred on Fuchsia Heart, but that had no effect on her either. “You think I’m going to spend the rest of my life in misery and hatred? Think again!”, Fuchsia Heart told her. “I don’t care! I don’t need my signature superpower to destroy you!”, Dark Heart said. “Neither do I!”, replied Fuchsia Heart.

Yellow Fire flew a fiery punch at Green Ice and did hit him, but Green Ice had other ideas. He blew an icy gale at Yellow Fire, which blew him away, he then created an icy shockwave, which froze Yellow Fire, but he freed himself with his fire powers and fired a giant fireball at him.

Fuchsia Heart and Dark Heart used their other abilities such as explosive hearts and their super strength. Until suddenly Dark Heart shouted “RED RAGE!” and she clenched her fist as a ball of dark red energy surrounding it and then she threw a hard and fast meteor-like punch in an upper-cut motion that struck Fuchsia Heart two to five times in a row, and blasted Fuchsia Heart away and left her fighting for her life.

Green Ice threw pointy sharp icicles at Yellow Fire, and the pain was icy sharp and they were too cold for Yellow Fire to remove himself. “You’re finished, Yellow Fire! Victory is mine!”, Green Ice gloated. “Don’t be so sure!”, Yellow Fire replied as he melted the icicles. He was about to fight until he noticed Fuchsia Heart was unconscious. “Fuchsia Heart! Are you alright? Please, speak to me!”, begged Yellow Fire as he held Fuchsia Heart in his arms. Dark Heart cackled. “It’s too late, Yellow Fire. Fuchsia Heart is dead! With one down, you’ll be helpless and weak, which you already are!”, she laughed evilly. “Come on, let’s tell Metallix our mission is a success!”, said Green Ice, and the two supervillains flew away. Yellow Fire begged for Fuchsia Heart to live. She barely opened her eyes. “My healing potions…quick…..” she said weakly. Yellow Fire put his hands in Fuchsia Heart’s pockets and got out one of her healing potions and quickly, he placed the liquid in her mouth and she swallowed it, and luckilly, Fuchsia Heart made a very quick recovery. Yellow Fire was very relieved. “Oh, thank goodness you’re alive! I was so worried!”, Yellow Fire cried happily. “Don’t worry, Yellow Fire. I am fine now thanks to you. Now quickly, we must find Green Ice and Dark Heart before they bring more harm to Kaluka.”, said Fuchsia Heart.

Meanwhile, Dark Heart and Green Ice were about to return to Shadowmetalland, until they got into an argument. “Did you really have to kill Sabrina like that?! She would have made a good queen had we captured her instead!”, Green Ice said to Dark Heart. “Why are you falling in love with that soppy cupid replacement? She is so annoying! I despise her! Who’s side are you on, Alan?”, asked Dark Heart. “I am on your side of course, but had you captured her so Metallix could brainwash her, this place would have been a perfect winter wonderland by now.", Green Ice replied. “Don’t make me lose my temper on you, because when I order you never to hang with Sabrina, you should obey that rule! Do I make myself crystal clear?!”, said Dark Heart angrily, but Green Ice had enough. “That’s it! I have enough of you! Prepare to feel my wrath!”, he said to her. “You wouldn’t dare!”, Dark Heart replied getting from angry to worried. “Oh I will! Goodbye, Dark Heart!”, Green Ice said to her and he created an icy gale, which froze Dark Heart in a block of ice. “And you can stay in there until you can learn to cool down!”, Green Ice finished and he flew away. “I’ll remember this! Just wait til I thaw! You’ll be sorry! You fool! You idiot! You traitor!”, Dark Heart thought as she remained frozen in the block of ice.

Yellow Fire and Fuchsia Heart flew around Kaluka until they noticed Dark Heart frozen. “Look, Yellow Fire, why is Dark Heart frozen?”, asked Fuchsia Heart. “It looks like Green Ice and Dark Heart must of had a falling out.”, Said Yellow Fire. “Do you think we should defrost her?”, asked Fuchsia Heart with real concern in her voice. “Why should we? She tried to kill you and sided with the scrap metal terrorists. No, let’s not bother. She’ll be in big trouble with the scrap metal terrorists anyway.”, said Yellow Fire, but Fuchsia Heart had a sad look on her face. "I know that she tried to kill me, but I just can't let her suffer like this. So will you please defrost her for me, Yellow Fire?", Fuchsia Heart begged. Yellow Fire sighed, he figured there was no need to disagree with Fuchsia Heart over this situation, so he opted for the easiest choice, which was to smile, nod, and comment. "Of course, Fuchsia Heart.", Yellow Fire said, as he used his fire powers to defrost Dark Heart.

Five minutes later, Dark Heart had been completely broken free of her ice block prison. "Are you okay?", Fuchsia Heart asked her rival. "What kind of trick are you pulling and why did you defrost me?", Dark Heart said an extremely rude tone to the two superheroes. "Don't you give us an attitude! We just saved your slimy life from freezing to death!", Yellow Fire told her. "I don't remember asking you to save my life. You're my mortal enemies, how dare you be grateful to me!", Dark Heart growled in an irritated tone as she stormed off in one direction, while Yellow Fire and Fuchsia Heart flew away in another to find Green Ice.

Meanwhile, Green Ice had caused more blizzards on Kaluka Beach and Giggle Garden. He had even met and frozen Symphonia and stole her magic wand, because he wanted to use it to try to make Sabrina fall in love with him. "This is perfect. I'm creating a winter wonderland, and with this magic wand Sabrina can finally become my queen. She and I can rule our paradise, while Sasha and Adam will be our overworked and underpaid slaves. HA, HA HA!", Green Ice said in an excited and happy voice, as he flew back to the Metallic Dynasty hideout. When he got back to Shadowmetalland, Green Ice changed back into Alan, and went inside the tower. He walked into the throne room, and told Metallix the report of what kind of chaos he had caused. "WHAT?! I can't believe you didn't destroy them again while you were in Kaluka Forest and Skyienia. But, I am pleased that you have frozen Kaluka Beach and Giggle Garden without any trouble! And where is Sasha? Why isn't she with you?", Metallix told Alan.

"She is in solitary confinement for a misdeed, your highness.", Alan said to Metallix, but the young man had no desire to give the metal sheet an explanation of why he had frozen the young woman.

Meanwhile, Yellow Fire and Fuchsia Heart found the frozen Symphonia in a block of ice. “I cannot believe this! Green Ice froze the most powerful being of Kaluka.”, Fuchsia Heart lamented. “She won’t be frozen for much longer.” Yellow Fire replied, and soon he defrosted Symphonia with his fire powers and warmed her up, and then he used them to melt the ice and snow Alan/Green Ice made. “I thank you for saving me, Adam and Sabrina. I have noticed a big improvement in you.”, Symphonia told the superheroes. “You’re very welcome, but we can’t rest. The Metallic Dynasty have recruited their very own humans and turned them into supervillains and now bringing more terror than ever.”, Fuchsia Heart told Symphonia. “And to make matters worse, Green Ice has stolen my wand and he intends to brainwash Sabrina into falling in love with him.” Symphonia replied. “Are you kidding me right now?!” Yellow Fire asked in dismay. “We must stop him somehow!” said Fuchsia Heart. “Well he has frozen nearly the entire of Kaluka, so if you defrost it and bring warmth to Kaluka, that may cause him to come back to freeze it again.”, suggested Symphonia. “My rival Sasha, now known as Dark Heart also holds the power of hatred and she made all the closest friends of Kaluka fall out and act grouchy. We just defrosted her after she and Green Ice fell out.” Fuchsia Heart told Symphonia. “Alan and Sasha’s falling out will make each other weaker, but be warned about my wand. It’s very powerful.”, warned Symphonia. “Don’t worry. I’ll get that wand back before he brainwashes Sabrina. It’s bad enough what Metallix does to everybody in Kaluka. I bet he’s doing this to wind me up.”, Yellow Fire said. “He’s doing this because he’s madly in love with me too.”, Fuchsia Heart said to the warm yellow superhero. “Well enough chat, let’s turn Kaluka’s everlasting winter into summer again.” Yellow Fire said and he and Fuchsia Heart flew away, while Symphonia and the fairies wish the superheroes good luck.

Yellow Fire melted the ice and snow in his path. The Seaweed Kingdom was saved after being frozen in the frozen sea, Kaluka Beach was warm and sunny again. “Careful you don’t start a drought.”, Fuchsia Heart warned. “Don’t worry, I won’t.” Yellow Fire replied.

In Shadowmetalland, Alan looked at the view screen to look for Sabrina/Fuchsia Heart, and he noticed she and Adam/Yellow Fire were warming Kaluka up and cheering up the grouchy citizens. “Oh, the devil, I take it! Ad-dumb is ruining my winter wonderland, but I’ll soon fix it.”, Alan said with disgust, then he formed a grin on his face as he held Symphonia’s stolen wand. “Well then Alan, you know what to do.”, Metallix replied. Alan spun round thinking of everything that frustrates him and in an explosion, he became Green Ice again. He then flew to find Yellow Fire and Fuchsia Heart.

Yellow Fire and Fuchsia Heart have fixed Kaluka. It was defrosted and all the citizens were cheered up, until Green Ice confronted them. “I thought it might be you who undid my great work!”, he said.  He then flew and seductively embraced Fuchsia Heart, and it made her feel disturbed. “Get your dirty little hands off her you vile creature!”, Yellow Fire told his icy cold rival. “Just try to stop me! I dare you!”, Green Ice replied. Yellow Fire tried to attack, but Green Ice drew out the wand. “Come a step closer, and I will use the fairy’s wand to turn you into a toad!”, Green Ice warned. “And I intend to use it to make Sabrina my perfect queen. If she won’t fall for my handsome looks, I’ll force her too!” Fuchsia Heart thought of everything that frustrates her and makes her angry, then suddenly, when Green Ice didn’t expect it, she threw him and slammed him hard and broke free. “You dare assault your future husband?!”, he asked. “I do!”, she said, and she delivered a hefty punch that sent him flying. “You’ll say that in our wedding!”, he said, and with the wand, he charged it up and said “And we are now husband and wife, I will now kiss the bride!”, he said before he fired a bolt at Fuchsia Heart, but it was bounced off by Yellow Fire’s cape. “And I’m glad I crashed your wedding!” Yellow Fire said.

“I’ll start again and I will again and again until I succeed!”, Green Ice said. “Try and get through me first!”, Yellow Fire answered, and another battle began. Green Ice started firing glowing orbs at Yellow Fire and he tried to avoid each one. Yellow Fire threw a flamethrower at Green Ice, but protected himself in an icy barrier. Yellow Fire threw a fiery punch at the icy cold supervillain, but he blew an icy gale at him, then tried to cast a water spell to weaken him. Yellow Fire flew high and stomped Green Ice on the head. Green Ice retaliated with an icy punch, and Yellow Fire pushed him with a fiery aura.

Fuchsia Heart saw the fiery superhero and the icy supervillain fighting, and she had an idea. Yellow Fire and Green Ice fought until Fuchsia Heart did a seductive pose. “Alan, you hunky boy! I'm over here waiting for you!”, she said, pretending to flirt with him. Alan was aroused by Fuchsia Heart and was about to cast the brainwashing spell on her until Yellow Fire flew and snatched the wand from Green Ice. “I’ll take that!”, he said. “You dirty trick!”, Green Ice said to him, but Yellow Fire casted a paralysis spell, and paralyzed Green Ice. He flew down and joined Fuchsia Heart. “That was a great move you performed on Green Ice there Fuchsia Heart. You sure distracted him.”, Yellow Fire said to his companion, proud of her for such a smart move.

“This battle is far from over! Mark my words!”, Green Ice said, and he flew away. Yellow Fire and Fuchsia Heart and returned the wand to Symphonia, then they returned to the Skyienian Palace.

Green Ice became Alan again, then he found Sasha as herself again, and her face was red with rage. “YOU!!!!!!!!”, she screamed angrily and just when she was about to beat Alan up for turning against her, until Metallix called them to the throne room. The humans walked into the throne room and Metallix was very angry and disappointed in the humans. “I am very disappointed in the both of you. You nearly succeeded in your mission in destroying Rainbow and Heart’s humans, until you both got into a ridiculous argument!”, Metallix said sternly to the humans. “We’re sorry, your highness, but it was Alan’s fault! He froze me in a block of ice!”, Sasha said to the metal sheet. “You started it! You shouldn’t have lost your childish tantrums on me!”, Alan told Sasha, and the two argued until Metallix roared “SILENCE!!!!” which startled the humans into being quiet. “You have disappointed me for the last time! You will be punished for your failures!”, Metallix said angrily to the humans, but just before he could punish them, the loudspeaker said “You have visitors!” “Consider yourselves lucky! I have cancelled the punishment for now!”, Metallix warned the humans, and he opened the doors to let the visitors in. It was King Rainbow and Queen Heart, with angry looks on their faces.

“King Rainbow! Queen Heart! So nice of you to drop by!”, Metallix said to the monarchs of Kaluka. “Metallix, you have brought enough terror to our kingdom!”, King Rainbow replied to him. “It’s time to settle this once and for all!”, Queen Heart joined in. “And just what exactly are you going to do about it? Want to fight? Want to start a war?”, asked Metallix. “It looks like a war will be the only way to settle this!”, King Rainbow replied. “If we win, never will you bring harm to our kingdom ever again.” Queen Heart said. “And if we win, I will have every right to expand our empire, rule your kingdom and brainwash all the citizens to our side.”, Metallix said. “Then it’s agreed.” answered King Rainbow. “Remember what Symphonia said Metallix, unless you stop bringing harm and terror to our kingdom, you are in for a horrible grim fate.”, Queen Heart told Metallix. “I am not worried at all because I know that fairy speaks nothing but lies and she and the other fairies will be punished once I win the war.”, Metallix replied in an arrogant tone. “Whatever you say, Metallix, but we were told by Symphonia, it’s not only your punishment for terrorizing our kingdom for so long, but this fate of yours is the worst anybody can possibly ever imagine. Symphonia told us so when she visited our castle.”, King Rainbow replied. “Try and frighten me all you like, because it’s not working. Me and my empire will win this war and all of Kaluka will be ours.”, Metallix replied. “Very well. We will see you soon Metallix, hopefully for the last time!”, King Rainbow replied, and he and Queen Heart have left the hideout and returned to their castle.

“Then a war is gladly settled. You two are going to help us out in this war whether you like it or not!”, Metallix told his humans. “No, your highness. We are willing to help you in this!”, Alan said. “We’ll make up for our terrible failures and prove to you, you made the right choices bringing us here to serve you.”, Sasha replied. “You had better. I better not be disappointed again!”, Metallix answered, and he summoned every member of the Metallic Dynasty to discuss the war.

Kaluka - part 9

Here is part 9 of "Sabrina & Adam's Adventure In Kaluka", and Sasha and Alan get to become supervillians to battle the two superheroes, as a classic battle of good vs. evil commences.

Kaluka is (C) of me and :iconbrainiacadam:, but Sabrina/Fuchsia Heart and Sasha/Dark Heart belong to me while Adam/Yellow Fire and Alan/Green Ice belong to Adam.


Superhero meme! 

Stolen from :icondjboombase:

1.) What superhero name do you go by?

Fuchsia Heart

2.) What her real name and what does she do for a living?

Sabrina. And she works a silverware roller in the daytime.

3.) What's her orientation?

She's strait of course!

4.) What's her superpower?

She can use a unique technique known as the power of love, where she summons two sets of three floating hearts that appear above her hands, and she tosses the hearts to two people that have a bitter hatred towards each other, which instantly turns them into best and close friends.

5.) What's her weakness?

Her great admiration, love, and respect for her hero/idol/boyfriend: Yellow Fire.

6.) Does she wish she was normal?

She's just happy being herself.

7.) Is she a superhero, supervillain, or indifferent? And why?

She is a superheroine, who is a member of the Rights Fighters. She joined the team after she gained her superpowers, which was a result of her accidently spilling a mysterious pink liquid while visiting a top-secret lab with the other Rights Fighters.

8.) Is she a team player or a loner?

A team player most definately.

9.) Does she have someone she loves? Do they know her identity?

I just mentioned that Yellow Fire is her boyfriend. And yes, he knows her indentity.

10.) If it meant saving someone she loved, would she kill?

She wouldn't kill the supervillians, but she would knock out them with her fuchsia fury ability.


Sabrina Roberts-Trujillo
United States
Hello there! My name is Sabrina, and welcome to my deviantART page. Here you will find drawings of various characters from many fandoms, pictures of my friends' OC's, plus my OC's, too!

Permission for anyone who wants to use my OC's:

I allow and encourage everyone to have the right and freedom of personal interpretations of the fanon characters that I have created by changing their personalities without any approval from me, if that is what someone wishes to do with them. I personally feel that you should always be free to make your own decisions when it comes to your headcanon ideas when using my fictional self or my fandom personas in your drawings and writings, because if I was shooting others down and criticizing their ideas, it would the opposite of treating others the way that I want to be treated, especially since we are allowed to change the personality of a canon character from a video game, movie, or TV show that we have no copyright over. However, may I please politely ask that you do not tell me how I should use my own characters in the stories that I write, because how they behave in my own stories is up to me to decide.

Request and art trade information:

Note: There is absolutely nothing wrong with you giving the other person a stick figure or a mouse drawn MS paint picture that 1 hour to finish and they give you the Mona Lisa or a beautiful digital painting they have worked on for 3-4 hours, because people should be willing to do art trades with people of all skill levels, instead of just only ones with people who are as good as theirs, because in my opinion, all artworks are beautiful no matter how long that a person has worked on it. But, you should never be unfair with the other person and ditch them by turning their picture into a free request. This is why I will gladly take requests and art trades from any deviant, even if I don't know them, just to keep everyone happy, and not turn them down so they don't feel left out. So feel free to ask me if you are interested in doing one. All skill levels are accepted, no discrimination here. The only rule that I have here is that may I please ask that you don't rush me to do the picture, because I can draw pretty quick depending on how many characters are in it.

Things I will draw:

Fandoms I heard of and like

Any fandom I don't like or I have not heard of

Canon characters

Original fanon characters


Parodies of canon characters from books, tv shows, movies, and video games

Hetero and slash pairings

Various characters from different fandoms doing my "Peach Repulsa" cosplay (that means being dressed up in Princess Peach's dress and crown and wearing a replica of Rita Repulsa's grey hair that is styled in the shape of two bizarre, mad, wacky, zany, crazy, unusual, strange-looking, and outrageous pointed cone horns)

Trading card-sized miniature drawings that feature special edition or original artwork of one character

Pictures of you

Things I will NOT draw:

Characters who are participating in passing gas

Mature art with adult themes such as swear words, inappropriate phrases, weird fetish stuff, dirty sexual acts, blood, and violence

Anything I find too disturbing in my own mind

Art attacking other deviants

I do not accept the following, so please don't ask about them, the reasons for this are because I don't donate points to anyone, since not only do they cost money and must be very expensive too, but I'm not even sure if I would be allowed to buy them without permission in the first place, and I also don't believe taking a screenshot of pageviews is important, since all they do is tell you how many times others have viewed your page, and the fact that I draw for enjoyment and not for money and points:



Point commissions

Other websites that I am a member of:

The Nerdluck Forum -…
The Mr. Men Wiki -…
The Mr. Men OC Wiki -…
The CanonFanon Wiki -…

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